I honestly don’t even remember what this was really about but all I remember was that it was hilarious and there were 100 comments on facebook about it. I think. HAHA… oh man. Early 2009..
LOL. i remember this and laughing so bad. ahhh.. 

it’s about time we create more happy memories! :D 

i was going to post a link/vid to david chois benny lava video because nothing gets posted up here. and for memories sake. but.. i cant find it no more :’(


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1. Would you rather: The Simpsons, Family guy, Futurama, American dad?

2. How did we meet?

3. 1 word to describe yourself

4. 1 word to describe me :D

5. Would you rather go and complete 1000 steps or sit inside maccas, eating 10 cheeseburgers, (being creepy) staring at the kids in the playground? Why?

6. You have an important 10:30am class and it takes you 2 hours to get there. You have no car and just enough money for a two way trip on the bus from uni and back and all your friends are dead. Would you rather wake up at 5am for a spot on the bus or wake up at 8:30am with no seat and possibly being late to class? Why?

7. You’ve got man boobs … what do you do?

8. You’ve turn into the opposite sex… what now?

9. You’ve found your mom’s porn stash.. now what?

10. How do you feel about these question?

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You will laugh out loud here! Must FOLLOW!

must do :P

This isn’t just for the boys! Get your arsenal and ammo ready because this battle will surely pump up your adrenaline. Wage war with your friends at home, in school, in a parking lot or around a village. The only rule you’ll have to keep in mind is that there are none.

can we can we?! how awesome this would be! :D